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1.           Vision and Mission Statement:


Land & Building Department is responsible for acquisition of land for the DDA (Plan Development) and other Government Departments/ Agencies for undertaking various development/infrastructural projects and also for de-notification of acquired land.


         2.      Details of Business transacted by the Organisation:


The Land & Building Department’s main function is to acquire land on the request of Govt. Departments/Agencies for planned devolvement of Delhi.  Before 31.12.2013, the land was acquired under the provision of Land Acquisition Act 1894 which was found to be inadequate in addressing the issues of rehabilitation and resettlement to the effected persons and their families.  Therefore, new Land Acquisition Act known as The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act – 2013 has replaced earlier Act w.e.f. 01.01.2014.  This Act represents a change in legislative approach to land acquisition.


          3.      Details of Customers/Clients :


          All Government Departments/Agencies of Delhi State desirous of    acquisition  of land.


4.      Statement of Services provided to each Citizen/Client group      separately and time limits for the same:


Due to litigations & administrative reasons, it is difficult to put a time-frame on the services rendered by the L.A. Branch.  However, Dy. Secretary, Addl. Secretary and Pr. Secretary of L&B personally attend to public grievances during office time (Public hours 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM).





 5.      Details of Grievances Redress Mechanism and how to access the same



          For redressal of public grievances, a separate branch under the ‘Right to Information Act’ having PIO to give reply within time limits of 30 days has been set up which is working efficiently.





          Allotment of alternative plots is made under the scheme “Large scale acquisition, development and disposal of land in Delhi” according to order No.37/16/60-Delhi(1) dated 2nd May 1961 announced by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. This is an additional facility provided to those land owners whose land has been acquired. The plots are allotted by DDA on the recommendation of this department. The recommendation is made subject to the following eligibility norms.




1.   The person who are RECORDED owner in the land records prior to issue of notification u/s 4 of Land Acquisition Act.

2.   The person whose land have been acquired must have received the compensation as a rightful owners from LAC/Court of ADJ and the possession of acquired land must have been taken by the Govt.

3.   The applicants should not own house/residential plots/flat out of village abadi in his/her own name or in the name of his wife/husband or any of his/her dependent including unmarried children, nor he should be a member of any co-operative housing society.

4.   For awards announced prior to 3.4.1986, the land acquired is not less than 150 Sq. Yds. And for awards announced post 03-04-1986, it must be less than 1 bigha.

5.   Where land had been purchased through sales deed and acquired truc award announced after 3.4.86, the land must have been purchased at least 5 years prior to the date of notification u/s 4 of the Land Acquisition Act.


The application forms for alternative plots can be loaded from website of Land and Building Department. The application duly filled-in and supported by documents listed below are to be submitted in the R&I branch of the department within one year from the date of receiving compensation. If it is late even by One day, it will treated a time barred and rejected.








In the case of applicant being recorded owner at the time of notification u/s 4 of the Land Acquisition Act

If the applicant is not recorded owner & is one of the legal heirs of the deceased recorded owner


Revenue record, LR-4,LR-5, Jamabandi, Khatoni Mutation which is applicable

As per column no.2


Payment certificated issued by LAC/SDM



Affidavit that the applicant/dependent etc. Does not own any property in urban area in Delhi, New Delhi, Cantt. Area in the prescribed format referred condition 3 of eligibility condition.



4 passport size photo, 3 specimen signatures, copy of election I. Card duly attested by Gazetted officer



Order of ADJ for compensation/probate etc., sale deed/mutation, if applicable



I/Bond duly registered from the office of  S.R.



Death certificate of the recorded owner.

Certificate of legal heirs from civil courts/SDM.LAC concerned.

Relinquishment deed to be filled by the legal heirs of the deceased recorded owner duly registered by Sub-registrar.


NOTE:-In case of land purchased and acquired through Sale Deed, the deed in the original registered with the office of the Sub-Registrar has also to be furnished alongwith the application.



Details of Grievances Redress Mechanism


Services Provided by the Department

List of Activities that Deptt. Interface with citizens (Direct/Indirect)

Types of Common Grievances

Time limit for resolution of Grievances/ Services

Additional resources required for providing the services, if any

Designation of the Officer responsible


Alternative Branch










































Activities of the Alternative Branch where it is having interaction with the citizens is the recommendation of allotment of alternate plot to the DDA in lieu of the land acquired for the development of Delhi under Land Acquisition Act 1894. The work involves consideration of recommendation or rejection of the applications and confirmation of genuineness of recommendation letter issued earlier by this department. There are two lists of the applications with the department one is from the year 1979 to 2000 and other is from 2001 to onwards. The department has initiated the process for consideration of the application and presently the department is considering and disposing off 250 applications in a month. The target is set up by the Hon’ble High Court and the guidelines for consideration/disposal of the applications is on the direction of the Hon’ble High Court and Central Vigilance Commission on first come first basis (according to seniority wise).


     The first list from 1979 to 2000 is almost over and some cases are pending due to want of documents from the applicants. In the second list the department has scrutinized and consider the applications up to year 2004 and 2005 is in process.




The common grievances in these cases are regarding late consideration of their cases which is being taken up in a systematic and transparent manner with the monitoring of the Hon’ble High Court and filling of the reports regularly in the High Court. 

This department has maintained the two Draft Seniority Lists for the pending cases of the allotment of alternative plot in lieu of acquired land. The first pertains to the cases for the year from 1979 to 2000 which has 1484 cases. The second pertains to the cases for the year from 2001 onwards which has more than 8400 cases. The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi has directed in WP(C ) No. 6175/2011 that the Recommendation Committee for allotment of alternative plot will consider 250 cases per month and the progress in this regard is being monitored by the Court. During the course of meetings, the cases presented before the Recommendation Committee are scrutinised and the deficiencies brought to the notice of the committee are conveyed to the applicants to furnish the documents for further consideration. The Recommendation Committee gives proper opportunity to the applicants for filing of the requisite documents as many a times the applicant seek time for submission of the documents due to one reason for the other. On receipt of the reply from the applicants, the case is again put up before the Committee for consideration and the decision is taken by the Committee after due consideration of the documents submitted and keeping in view the policy, the guidelines, the various directions issued from time to time by various authorities including the Courts, PGC and other authorities. Recently the Hon’ble High Court in WP (C) No. 3310/2015 has also directed that a fair opportunity of hearing to all the applicants will be given before further consideration of the cases of the applicants for allotment of alternative plots. The department has accordingly issuing notices to the applicants for personal hearing and the Committee in its meeting is giving personal hearing to the applicants and their submissions are being taken care of. As there is a large number of pendency of applicants of allotment of alternative plots, the cases are being considered by the Committee as per the seniority and on their turn. The High Court has also directed that cases of Draft Seniority Lists are to be considered seniority-wise and no seniority is to be broken. The Recommendation Committee is considering the pending cases in accordingly.



Under the above circumstances, it is not possible for the department to frame a time limit for resolution to the grievances/provide services to the applicants for allotment of alternative plots as the same are to be dealt with in the manner as prescribed by the Hon’ble High Court as per seniority and according to their turn.


If infrastructure of more staff and officers is provided for consideration of these pending cases the rate of disposal can be enhanced. The department has already requested Services Department to post  additional staff for the said purpose.


-Not applicable


For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secretary       Spl. Secretary        Pr. Secy. (L&B) 





(1)           Vision and Mission Statement


The Evacuee property Cell is dealing with Evacuee properties situated in Delhi states. The Evacuee property is such property which was left by the Muslims community during the partition of the country in 1947.


(2)          Details of Business transacted by the Organisation


The Evacuee Property Cell is responsible for the management and disposal of the Evacuee Property situated in Delhi state; in accordance with the provision of Administration of Evacuee property Act 1950 and Displaced persons (Compensation & Rehabilitation) Act, 1954 and Evacuee Interest (Separation) Act, 1951 as per the notification of August 2010 issued under the General Clauses Act. by GOI MHA.



(3)           Details of Customer/Clients


The Evacuee Property Cell is mainly concerned with the Displaced Persons who migrated from west Pakistan and also with the Muslim families who chose to remain in India at the time of partition of the country.


(4)         Statement of services provided to each Citizen/Client group

separately and time limits for the same


The Evacuee Property Cell is doing the Job for settling claim of the Displaced Persons. After the enactment of the Displaced Persons claims and other laws repeal Act 2005, only the pending matters, as per the provision of General Clause Act are being disposed.





(5)           Details of Grievances Redress Mechanism



Services Provided by the Department

List of Activities that Deptt. Interface with citizens (Direct/Indirect)

Types of Common Grievances

Time limit for resolution of Grievances/ Services

Additional resources required for providing the services, if any

Designation of the Officer responsible


Evacuee Property Cell

Deals with the residuary work of the land and properties and its management. The Evacuee Property cell having a very limited interface with the public where the allotment is still pending due to various reasons and mostly due to litigation and non availability of the documents furnished by the claimants. Claims/cases are also pending before the quasi judiciary functioning of the department as per DPCR Act.


The redressal of Grievances is being assessed by the Authority delegated with the powers confirmed upon them in accordance with Provision of the Displaced Persons (C&R) Act, 1954, Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950 and also Evacuee Interest (Separation) Act, 1951 notification of August 19, 2010 issued by GOI, MHA.



Evacuee property Cell, L& B Deptt. Is responsible to manage and disposed of the residuary work relating to Evacuee Properties situated in Delhi, in accordance with the provision of Acts i.e. Displaced Persons(Compensation & Rehabilition ) Act, 1954, The Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950 and the Evacuee Interest (Sepration) Act, 1951, The above said Acts had been replaced in the year 2005. For the disposal of the pending claims, Govt. Of India, as per Section 6 of General Clauses Act, 1897, has delegated power to the officer of Govt. Of NCT (L&B) to settle down the pending claims vide notification dated 19th August, 2010.

All most of the Evacuee Property Cell are very complicated and involve law point as per provision of the acts applicable to the Evacuee Property and are pending before the Court of Law i.e Civil Court, Distt. Court, High Court and also Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Besides this, Departmental Tribunal functioning under the provision of the Displaced Persons (C&R) Act, 1954 Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950 and The Evacuee interest (Separation) Act, 1951. Accordingly, the Evacuee property Cell is in process to defend the litigation cases pending in different courts in Delhi.

Under the above circumstances, it is not possible for the Evacuee Property Cell to frame a time limit to the grievances/to provide services to the claimant/applicant, as the same are to be dealt with after the court verdict of departmental tribunal.

Not Required


Not applicable





(6)           Expectations from the Citizen/Client


To seek legally viable redressal of grievances relating to evacuee properties.





          A separate cell has been functioning at Tis Hazari Complex known as Legal Cell of Land & Building Department. The Legal Cell is looking after the references cases u/s 18 of Land Acquisition Act, Civil Suits, Miscellaneous application, Civil Appeals etc. filed against the           Department and tendering legal opinion arising out of Land Acquisition cases. Civil suits etc. including  legal opinion on the High Court judgments arising in land acquisition appeals. The Legal Cell is also imparting Legal opinion to the respective LAC in respect of Land, Revenue & other legal matters.



For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Asstt. Legal Advisor       Dy. Legal Advisor       Legal Advisor         Pr. Secretary (L&B) 








          The Writ Cell of the Land & Building Department conducting/defending the Court matters in the Hon’ble High Court as well as in the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the cases arising out of the Land Acquisition Act.  The Department of Land & Building has its own panel of Advocates to defend the cases in Hon’ble District Court and Hon’ble High Court.


A Committee has been formulated under the Chairmanship of Pr. Secretary (L&B) with other Members namely Secretary (L&J), Govt. Of NCT of Delhi, Legal Advisor-cum-Standing counsel (L&B), Dy. Commissioner (HQ), GNCTD for selection of empanelment of panel advocates to defend exclusively the cases of Land & Building Department as well as for the Land Acquisition Collectors. The fee bills of the Govt. Counsels also being exclusively payable by the Department of Land & Building.


The aforesaid Committee has created a new Panel of Advocates and empanelled 15 Counsels for District Court and 15 Counsels for High Court and 9 Counsels to deal with Miscellaneous & Execution cases in District Courts pertaining to the legal work of this Department as well as the Land Acquisition Collectors. Accordingly, the work has been distributed among the panel of lawyers District wise vide separate order.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Legal Advisor      Legal Advisor      Pr. Secy. (L&B) 




Main Functions:-


1.   Notification /De-notification of Development area of DDA on the request of DDA as per provision of Delhi Development Act, 1957.

2.   Reply to communication in r/o Plan related work with reference to Land & Building Department received from Planning and other departments.

3.   Reply to RTI questions pertaining to this branch as and when forwarded to this branch.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (Plg.)      Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 







1.   Receipt of compensation/enhanced compensation from requisitioning agencies and payment to concerned LAC.

2.   Forwarding of Demands of enhanced compensation received from LAC’s to DDA and its related works.

3.   Vetting of Financial proposals.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Accounts Officer        DCA         Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secy. (L&B) 






1.   Preparation of bills in r/o salary bill, Contingency bill, medical bill, profession charges bill of Advocates.

2.   Preparation of Budget Estimate.

3.   Preparation of Tution Fees, LTC, HTC, GPF Advance, GPF Withdrawal, Retirement Benefits Bills etc.

4.   Calculation of Income Tax, TDS and submit quarterly statement.

5.   Maintenance of Cash Book.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Accounts Officer        DCA         Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secy. (L&B) 




Main Function


1.   Receipt of all RTI application in person and issuing of proper receipt against cash/IPO/DD.

2.   Forwarding/Transfer of applications within the department and to other public authority.

3.   Feeding of RTI applications on departmental website and their disposal too.

4.   Correspondence with applicants regarding returning of applications/ reply/ complaints etc.

5.   Dealing of all CIC/AR/references and liasoning with FAA regarding their appeal cases.

6.   Preparation and submission of Monthly and quarterly returns.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

PIO (L&B)     First Appellate Authority (L&B)    Central Information Commission






       This branch deals with disciplinary proceedings, complaints, punctuality and vigilance clearance of all officers/officials of L&B Department. Court cases, RTI applications, DOV cases, PGC matters and other miscellaneous work pertaining  to Vigilance Branch. This branch also maintain ACR and APAR of the officers/officials of this department.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (Vig.)       Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 





          All  administrative work and decision taken thereof. Transfer/ Posting of staff, Fixation of pay and release of pay & allowances, Granting all pensionary & death benefits, transfer posting of ex-cadre posts, Dealing and coordinating all branches of L&B and other Deptts. of Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Reimbursement of medical bill, preparation/issuing of medical cards of employees/pensioners, LTC advance, payment of leave encashment, E-revision of pension. NOC for passport, Maintaining of personal files, service books, leave account, service verification, pay fixation after MACP/ACP & promotion. RTI, Vidhan Sabha question and other misc. works assigned from time to time.


          This branch is dealing with all establishment/administrative matters of all employees of L&B Department.



For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (Admn.)       Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 






          General branch looks after all types of purchase of consumables and non-consumables items and AMCs of fax machines, printer, computer etc. All care taking works, purchase and AMCs of photocopiers machines, All Govt. Vehicles, hiring of vehicle, PWD related like maintenance of building, canteen etc. General branch also physically check and submit daily report of sanitation and security services, Newspaper & Magazines to Branch Incharge. General Branch also deal in all matters pertain to telephone bills, mobile bills, liveries of Group ‘D’ Electric & water charge bills, re-imbursement of newspaper and magazines to officers, pest-control.





For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (Gen.)          Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 


XIII.           Land Management (LM) BRANCH



          L.M. Branch is presently engaged in the functioning of disposing off applications for allotment of land received from Government and Private Organisations, directly or through Government bodies. The applications received are forwarded to the authorities, with the request to take up the matter with the Land Allotment Recommendatory Committee in the Deptt. of Urban Development, GNCTD, directly themselves.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (LM)             Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 


 XIV.            HOUSING LOAN BRANCH    


1.   Vision and Mission Statement:


The Housing loan branch of the Land & Building is primary dealing with recovery of housing loan & return of property documents held by it against the loans granted after completing with the formalities/procedures. As a part of welfare scheme 22194 persons were granted loan for construction of houses of plot holders in Delhi since 1955 under the LIG/MIG/Village scheme. However the scheme was discontinued in 1993.


2.   Details of Business Transacted by the Organisation:


The branch deals with recovery of loan from the borrowers/loanees who had taken loan for construction of the Houses under the prevailing schemes.



3.   Details of customer/clients:


The customer/clients of this branch are loanees/legal representatives the original loanees who have taken the loan under MIG/LIC/Village scheme.


4.   Statement of Service provide:


Since the scheme of providing lonans have been discontinued since 1993 now after the full and final payment received (Principal + interest thereon) the branch return the original property documents which are mortgaged against the loans to the govt.


5.   Details of Grievances redresal mechanism :



Services Provided by the Department

List of Activities that Deptt. Interface with citizens (Direct/Indirect)

Types of Common Grievances

Time limit for resolution of Grievances/ Services

Additional resources required for providing the services, if any

Designation of the Officer responsible


Housing Loan

The department releases the papers of the mortgaged property within a month time after receipt of the application on furnishing the documents required for the release of mortgaged properties such as legal heir certificate, indemnity bond and other relevant documents applicable on case to case basis

The loanees/legal representatives of the loanees can approach AHC(loan)/Special Secy.(L&B) and Pr. Secretary(L&B) in case they have any grievance towards their request made to the department.



This branch deals with the recovery of housing loan from the borrowers who had taken loan from this department for construction of houses. The Scheme has been abolished w.e.f 1983. As on date, the loanees have to return the loan amount to the Government and thereafter, property papers were handed over to the original loanee/one of the legal heir who has paid to the loan amount along with the interest in full and final settlement of the loan amount. These property papers were handed over within the period of one month subject to clearance of all the dues and subject to submission of the required documents asked for by the Department. In future too we will hand over the property papers to the owners if the loanees complete the formalities.



As such a time limit for resolution of  grievances/services cannot be fixed.

Not required

Not applicable





6.   Expectations from the citizen/client:


Loanees/legal representatives are expected to give their proper loan account number while giving their application for processing along with proper documents as requested by the department so that their request can be processed conclusively.






On direction of Hon’ble High Court, Delhi  CLR Cell was setup in this deptt. to collect and maintain the information relating to govt. Land / building in Delhi. A software module known as PAMS (Public Asset Management System) has been got developed from NIC. The PAMS software was developed with the facility for the individual deptt. to directly enter, update and generate reports for data pertaining to their deptts. From their location itself.




For grievances if any, one can approach as under:-

Dy. Secy. (LM)             Special Secretary (L&B)       Pr. Secretary (L&B) 








1.      Vision and Mission Statement


          In pursuance of the Hon’ble High Court order dated 17.05.2012 in case titled “Rambir Singh vs Govt. of NCT of Delhi”, a Task Force has been constituted in Land & Building Department for expeditious disposal of the pending applications for allotment of alternative plots.  The Department has prepared two Draft Seniority Lists of the said pending applications for the year 1979-2000 and another for the year 2001 onwards which are to be scrutinized as per the seniority.


2.      Details of Business transacted by the Organisation


          The Task Force will issue the deficiency memo to the applicant after pointing out the deficiency, if any and on receipt of the reply from the applicant or otherwise, the file shall be put up to the Recommendation Committee for consideration on its turn.  After taking decision by the Committee, the same is uploaded on the website of the Department by the Programmer and, thereafter, the file is sent to the Alternative Branch for further action at their end.  In pursuance of the subsequent orders of the Hon’ble High Court in the above noted cases at least 250 files per month shall be put before the Recommendation Committee for consideration.


3.      Details of Customer Clients


          The Task Force is mainly connected with the agriculturists whose land has been acquired and are to be allotted alternative plots in lieu of their acquired land as per the Scheme under “Large Scale Development and Disposal of land in Delhi” announced by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs vide their letter No.37/16/60-Delhi (i) dated 02.05.1961.


4.      Statement of service provided to each Citizen/Client group        separately and time limits for the same


          The Task Force is scrutinizing the pending applications for allotment of alternative plots as per the seniority and issuing deficiency memo to the applicants to submit the reply within the time period as mentioned therein.  On receipt of the reply from the applicants the file is placed before the Recommendation Committee for taking appropriate decision and the same is communicated by the Alternative Branch accordingly.





5.      Details of Grievances Redress Mechanism


          The redressal of grievances is being dealt by the Alternative Branch on receipt of the representations from the applicants, as the concerned file is sent to them after scrutiny of the case and decision of the Committee.


6.      Expectations from the Citizen/Client


          It is expected from the citizens the citizens that an application for allotment of alternative plot in lieu of acquired land will be moved by them duly filled up and within the stipulated time as provided in the above said Scheme alongwith the requisite documents for speedy disposal.



XVII           Public Grievance Management System (PGMS)

A web based system called Public Grievances Management System (PGMS) has been prepared by NIC wherein grievances will be entered by CM office/Department of IT.  The documents collected will be scanned and uploaded on web based system and a unique ID           number is given for all grievances.  The grievances has to be redressed in a time bound manner and has to be approved by the Administrative Secretary/HOD before being uploaded to the portal. Administrative Secretary/HOD shall monitor the redressal of the grievances under overall supervision of PGMS cell functioning in the office of Hon’ble CM, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.                  






S. No.


Telephone No. /Fax No.

E-mail No.


Pr. Secretary (L&B)

23378755 23370035(Fax)



Additional Secretary(L&B)




Legal Advisor- cum -Standing Counsel





Dy. Controller of Accounts




Dy. Secretary(Alt.)/Housing Loan/Planning Branch




Dy. Secretary (Admn.) /Gen./RTI/ H.O.O.




Dy. Secretary(Task Force)/ Vigilance/LM/CLR




Dy. Secretary (R&I/ Record Room)




Dy. Secretary (Plg./ Home Loan, L.M. /CLR/E.P.Cell/Parliament Cell








System Analyst





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