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Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences
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User Charges for Patient Care Services
Charges wherever not mentioned are under consideration.

In-patients Description Facility Charges per day (in Rs.)
  Wards Special ward with AC room with attached  bathroom
 Non - AC room without bathroom-shared by two 150
  Diet Optional for Private Rooms 50
  Medical Certificates Admission & Discharge 30
Fitness 30
Medical certificate for insurance claim 100
  Medical Board Routine 100
Special/ Appeal 200
OPD Registration Every Visit 10
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy   Inpatient & Outpatients 25
ECT   ECT 160
Special services/Investigation   Pentothal interview/session 60
Alcohol challenge/session 75

Note:-> User Charges has been Waived-Off as per Govt. Policy. 

General information for Tariff List :

1.      The family income as disclosed by the family members/relatives/patients will be considered income of the Patients family.

2.      With Patients Family Income less than Rs.3000/- per month no-charges shall be levied for investigations or admission in wards.

3.      Charges for twenty days shall be recovered in advance at the time of admission to the special ward.

4.      These charges will be applicable on all refereed patients coming to IHBAS only for availing the following investigations/procedures.

5.      With patients family income above Rs.3,000/- per month . The charges as proposed will be levied. Indoor patients with income above Rs.3000/- per month shall be charged Rs. 10/- per day in general ward.

6.      For Patients admitted to special ward, the charges as proposed shall be levied. All the other charges as proposed will be recovered.

7.      All the charges shall be recoverable from employees of central/state govt. / Autonomous/Public Sector undertakings etc. irrespective of income.

8.      Charges shall also be recoverable from the Govt. for patients admitted on court orders or referred by Jail authorities.

9.      The OPD registration (Opening a case file) charges shall be Rs. 10 per card.

10.  The Authority to waive off charges on genuine ground rests with the Medical Superintendent.

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Last Updated :30/Apr/2022